Wellgate Care Stories 001

I’ve been part of Sandgate Manor for six years now and was the first resident to ever live in one of the three Lodges situated on the premises. I really have the best of both worlds, as not only do I spend the majority of my time in the Lodge, but I also spend time up in the main house as well, mainly at weekends. I enjoy and value times where I have personal carers. Going to concerts, shopping for food and/or personal items, up to London to see West-end shows or TV shows are just a few of the trips I’ve enjoyed, either with a group of residents of on my own with a carer. All staff at Sandgate work their hardest to ensure I have all my needs met the way I require them to be.

Resident, Woodland Lodge


Wellgate Care Stories 002

Our son has lived at Sandgate Manor for a number of years. His accommodation is excellent as are the staff in dealing with his health and general wellbeing. We have nothing but praise for all the staff who treat him with the fun and dignity that he so enjoys. He is in his 30s and suffers with cerebral palsy and epilepsy which the staff are trained and well able to cope with. This results in peace of mind for Mum and Dad.

Parents, Sandgate Manor resident

Wellgate Care Stories 003

My nephew can’t do a lot of things most of us take for granted – walking, talking, feeding himself, personal hygiene – a big list, the result of a condition called microcephela. But he can laugh, enjoy wheelchair and car rides, swimming, music and good food. For over a decade, management and staff at Sandgate Manor have helped and encouraged him in all the things he can do – and, with the walking frame and an understanding of how he communicates – some of the things he can’t! Kindness and respect are the hallmarks of Sandgate Manor.

Uncle, Sandgate Manor resident

Wellgate Care Stories 004

Hello, I am the father of a resident who has been with MNP for 17 years, most of it at Sandgate Manor. He has cerebral palsy and needs a lot of care, which they have always given him with love and compassion. We would not want him to be anywhere else. They are part of his family. A very caring place.

Father, Sandgate Manor resident

Care Manager

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