Our Services

Our Services

Encouragement and self-confidence
to develop independent skills

Wellgate Care provides high-quality care and support for adults with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and complex needs.

Our friendly, specialist teams are passionate about delivering person-centred care focussed on individual’s needs, hopes and aspirations. We make sure that people get the right support to enable them to develop life skills and maximise their independence.

We put the people we support at the heart of our organisation and give them the opportunity to live the life they choose. Every day is a new beginning but with yesterday’s wisdom and understanding. Like all of us our residents wake up, wash and dress, to start their day and get ready for bed at the end of their day. These are normal daily activities but it’s what we do in between these hours that makes Wellgate Care different.

We believe that all residents should have a choice of activities to enhance their wellbeing and sense of achievement. We offer a wide variety of activities both internally and outside of our homes. We encourage the self-development of our residents; be it a practical handicraft course at South Kent College, a shopping expedition in the local community, baking a cake for afternoon tea or a visit to the nearby seafront.

Our more adventurous residents have enjoyed London shows, trips to the ice-rink and parachute training at the local aerodrome.

We help all our residents to develop their personal skills, enhancing communication and independence and giving them a quality of life with choice.

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Our daughter has severe cerebral palsy. She cannot walk, talk or feed herself. She pulls a face for “no” and smiles for “yes”. She has been living at Sandgate Manor for 3½ years. She settled in very quickly and was so afraid of missing out at the home that she was reluctant to come home for visits…
Mother, Sandgate Manor Resident
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